Who counts as a billable user?

Who counts as a billable user?

The billing is done on the basis of the no. of billable users inside the workspace. The users can be a part of multiple projects inside the workspace, but the amount charged doesn’t depend on the number of projects or the number of roles performed by users being repeated in different projects.

Who is counted as billable user?
Any member who is a manager or editor in any of the projects will be considered as a billable user. Viewers are not considered as billable users.

So, if you’re a manager or editor in a number of projects, then you will be counted as a billable user, but just once while calculating all the billable users.  
If you’re a viewer in any of the projects but happen to be a manager or editor in any of the projects inside that workspace, then while counting the billable users, you will be counted just once.
But if you’re just a viewer in all of the projects, then you won’t be counted as a billable user.

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