What happens to deleted or archived projects/documents/files/content objects/reports?

What happens to deleted or archived projects/documents/files/content objects/reports?


When you archive a Project or document it goes straight to the ARCHIVED folder. You can Restore the project or document simply by going to the ARCHIVED section and then clicking on Restore option as shown in the image or click on Delete icon to delete it permanently.

The Archived projects or documents remain in the section as long as your workspace is active.


Archived functionality is not yet introduced in Files and Content module.


When you delete any project or document it goes straight to the DELETED section, and if you wish to restore them back, then go to DELETED section, click on Restore icon just like Archived section

The functionality of DELETED section is not available for Files and Content module.


What you must note is the downloaded projects or documents stay in the DELETED section for only 7 days and get permanently deleted.

However, if you wish to retrieve your deleted projects, documents, files, content objects or reports, you can do that within 30 days of deleting it off your workspace. All you need to do is send us a message on Help desk or a mail us at support@planbim.io and we will help you get your deleted data back.

Click here to know more about deleting, archiving and restoring your projects and documents.

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