View all Projects of your Workspace in Revit

View all Projects of your Workspace in Revit

With the help of planBIM's Revit plugin you can access a lot of information from the web app including navigating through the projects in your Workspace. This article describes how you can do that.


You cannot create new projects in the Revit plugin directly.

To view projects inside the Revit plugin, ensure that you have created atleast one project with the help of our web app. Click on the Projects icon present inside the planBIM toolbar to view all your projects.

All projects of your Workspace will be shown in the form of a list displaying the project titles and the project picture.

You will be able to see your current workspace as shown in the image.

Click on the icon as shown to change the view of your projects.

Group 1377.png

They can be viewed as a Grid or a list using the toggle on the top right. You can also click on the refresh icon to fetch new projects that you're a part of (if any) from the cloud.

You can also make use of the search functionality where you can search your projects by entering the name of the project in the search tab that gets enabled when you click on 🔍 icon as shown in the picture.

Group 1378.png

You can link your current Revit file with any planBIM project. To know more about how and why you need to do so, click here and follow the steps listed in the article.

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