View all Projects in your Workspace

View all Projects in your Workspace

To make organizing and sorting your projects easier, you have a number of options available in the Projects page, such as Grid View, List View and more.


To view all projects in your workspace, click on the planBIM icon on the left top corner.

Toggle between the two View buttons to condense or expand the way project names display. The first option reveals in grid view. The second displays more projects in the list.

Grid View

Group 1193.png

List View

Group 1192.png

You can also view your projects in a different format by viewing your projects in the workspace from the workspace settings.

Follow these steps to do so:

  • Click on your account picture at the top right corner, a drop-down window would appear, now click on the WORKSPACE SETTINGS

  • When you go to the workspace settings, under the section ADMINS, click on to the option View All Projects as shown in the image

Group 1206.png

You will be directed to the page where all the projects from your workspace would be listed with the following information:

  • Total number of-EditorsViewersManagersTotal users

  • Status of the project. You can change your status of the project from here. By clicking on the status icon of that respective project, a dropdown menu would come, you can select one option out of it to update your project status. The status options are based on the usage- Active, Deleted and Archived.

chrome_KDdZ7Ybuaj 1.png

If you click on any of the row, you would further be directed to the page where you would see all the details of that project with the following project-

  • User

  • Designation

  • Company

  • Role

  • Modules (Modules that are accessible to that respective user)

Admins can change the accessibility of user to different BIM modules for that project from here simply by clicking on the icon of the modules of the respective user.

To delete the user, hover over the user you wish to delete, now click on 🗑 icon as shown in the image, and the user will be removed. To restore the user back click on the icon as shown in the image.

Group 1294 (1).png

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