Upgrade your Workspace

Upgrade your Workspace

Looking to upgrade from the free version of planBIM to a paid subscription? That’s great news, as you’ll be one step closer to accessing more planBIM features! We’ve outlined everything you need to know to upgrade your workspace below.

Who can upgrade a workspace and how?

  • Any workspace owner can upgrade a free workspace to a paid subscription

  • Pay by credit card

  • Workspace owners (or the person who upgrades a workspace) can manage payment and subscription details from the Handle billing info and invoices page

Steps to upgrade a workspace:

  1. Click here to review subscriptions and pricing details.

  2. To select a subscription, click Get Started. You will be redirected to your planBIM account in the workspace which you were working in.

  3. Switch to the respective workspace that you wish to upgrade.

Group 1207.png

4. You will be directed to the page where your current plan with all the details will be stated which includes

details like your current subscribed plan, no. of BIMcoins available in the workspace and your personal BIMcoins.

If you have the The PRO plan, the Upgrade Workspace page looks like this-

Group 1320.png

If you have the FREE plan, the Upgrade Workspace page looks like this-

Group 1310.png

You can get a free trial of our PRO plan for 14 days to experience all our features and don’t worry! You can leave the plan within these 14 days and we won’t charge you.

If you wish to continue with the trial of our PRO PLAN, select GO PRO FOR FREE as shown in the image

below. Click to shift to annual plan as instructed below

Group 1288 (2).png

If you click on the toggle button at the top to switch from UPGRADE to BIMCOINS you would be directed a new page where all the information regarding your BIMcoins will be given. You can check out the number of BIMcoins you have, transfer these BIMcoins, buy new BIMcoins for further transactions, use the BIMcoins for further bills and track all transactions that were done using BIMcoins.

Group 1312.png

If you wish to transfer the BIMcoins and click on TRANSFER BIMCOINS option shown in the image, a pop-up window will appear, now enter the no. of BIMcoins you wish to add and hit TRANSFER

Group 1312 (1).png

If you want to buy new BIMcoins click on BUY BIMCOINS

A new pop-up window will appear, now enter the required no. of BIMcoins that you wish to add, Click on CONFIRM to proceed further.

Now enter your credit/debit card details and click on PROCEED, and you BIMcoins will be added.

Group 1311.png

If you choose a paid plan of ours, a pop-up window will appear, you need to select if you want the annual

plan or monthly plan. You can choose to pay using BIMcoins if you have any. Click here to know more about recurring BIMcoins for paid plans.

Group 1313.png

If you decide to use your credit/debit card for your payment then click on NEXT button, a new window will appear, enter your card details for the payment and click on PROCEED for completing payment.

Group 1289.png


You’ll be billed for the number of active users in your workspace when you upgrade. Review our fair billing policy to learn more about how billing works.

The billing amount is billed under a workspace or a company. You can choose to switch it from a workspace to company or vice versa, if you are one of the owners of your company.

Go to Upgrade your workspace, as instructed above and click on COMPANY to switch the billing under your company instead of workspace or vice versa.

If you switch the billing from workspace to company, now all the companies related to this workspace will have to pay with respective to their share in the workspace individually. So, all the owners of the workspace who don’t belong to the same company will get notified about it and will have to confirm it from their end in order to successfully start billing under company individually.

Group 1321.png

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