Switching Modules [Apps]

Switching Modules [Apps]

There are five modules in planBIM that are designed to manage BIM projects in an efficient and easier manner. You can easily switch between these modules using the Module Switcher. This can be accessed inside a project only.

You can use the burger menu (the three horizontal bars on the top-right corner) to access the Module Switcher, as shown in the image below. This is always accessible from any screen once you're inside a project.

Tapping this icon will display a drop-down menu that consists of the different planBIM modules available on the Mobile app.

You can expand or collapse the sub-menu of each module by tapping the arrow sign at the end of every module bar. Tapping the sub-menu item will direct you to the specific module screen.

Group 1398 (2).png


At present we only have Content module available in the mobile application, and we will be introducing all other modules in new updates.

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