Spaces Canvas in Files Module

Spaces Canvas in Files Module


The planBIM files module is a common data environment where you can upload and manage BIM data. The Canvas View gives you a visual file management system which will help you in various ways. Here are some uses:

  • Create a model breakdown structure

  • Define relations between different files

  • Control which users can access specific files

Understanding the User Interface

This is the how the Canvas in Files module typically looks like. Use the numbers as a guide to refer to what the functionality represents.

Group 1345.png

1. Create a new Shared Space

You can create a space which can be shared by different companies present in the project. If you create the Shared Space, the members belonging to the company you added, can view, add and edit the files in the Canvas ; depending upon their role in the project (Manager, editor, viewer).

Click here to know more about creating a Shared Space and Managing it.

2. Fit to screen

By clicking on this icon, you will be taken to such a view that all the files present in the Canvas will be visible to you in the most effective way.

3. Pan tool

Using this tool you, you can simply click on the Canvas and move inside freely for better navigation experience. You can zoom in and zoom out using the scrolling wheel. You can also navigate if you click, hold and move the scrolling wheel, but Pan tool makes it easier.

4. Group selected Spaces

Once you select the spaces by click and dragging, click on the icon as shown to group them together.

Group 1343 (1).png

After Grouping them together, you can name the group and to do so, select the group simply by clicking on it and a window will appear on the right, and if it doesn’t appear, just click on Show Space Menu. Now enter the name for your group and collapse the window or click anywhere in the Canvas, your name group name will be saved.

Press and hold the SHIFT key and click two or more shared spaces in the Canvas to group them.

Group 1344.png

5. Ungroup selected Spaces

6. Add a note

Add a note to provide a remark to highlight or specify particulars about a group of Spaces, Shared Spaces or simply add a note in general.

7. Delete selected items

After selecting the items you wish to delete, click on the 🗑️ icon to delete them. A pop-up window will appear asking for your permission to delete the items, click on CONFIRM to delete and proceed. The deleted items get permanently deleted, so be careful while selecting and deleting the items.

chrome_ewje9bHqY1 1.png

8. Search

Type in what you want to search in the Canvas and the items related to your search will be highlighted.

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