Sort & Filter your Scoper elements

Sort & Filter your Scoper elements

You can easily filter and sort elements for each discipline, LOD, LOA, alphabetically, and so forth.

1. Filter

For filtering a list of elements you need to make sure you're inside the Scoper module of the plugin. 

After that, click the filter button placed on the masthead of the plugin as shown below.

Select the disciplines along with the preferred choices of LOD for the filter you are trying to apply.
By clicking on APPLY you will now be able to view the preferred elements according to the set filter.

2. Sort

There are various ways in which you can sort your Scoper elements. For that, you need to click on the Sort button as shown below. Once you select your preference for the sort, you can click on APPLY.

You can now view your elements according to the type of sort. 

3. Search
You can also 🔍 Search your elements in Scoper module of the plugin. Follow the steps shown below.

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