Project Home in Revit

Project Home in Revit

After you link your Revit file with a planBIM project, you'll be taken to the Project Home page. Here, you can access specific project data through Project Modules, similar to how you can do so on the web.

Project Modules

  • Scoper
    Get a preview of the scoper module and LOD required for this project. You can view the details of all the elements in your matrix. Most importantly you can link a family of elements in your Revit file with the element in Scoper module that enables you to connect your Revit file with the Scoper module in your project.

  • Content
    View all the content objects added in the module inside the linked project. You can link the content objects with the elements of the working Revit file that is linked to the project. You can upload your .rfa file in Content your module.

Rest of the Project Modules are coming soon to Revit!

Manage Users

Click on the option MANAGE USERS, and you will be directed to our web page where you can can change the roles of your team members, add/remove members.

Click here to know more about managing users in your project.

Unlink a project

You can also unlink your project from Revit with the UNLINK PROJECT button located at the bottom of the page.

Group 1386.png

The reasons that you might want to unlink a project include:

  • If you want to link it to some other planBIM project

  • You no longer want to associate this particular file with planBIM

It is to be noted that if you unlink a Revit file from a project then all associated data will be lost.

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