Pricing for Additional Storage Space

Pricing for Additional Storage Space

Every paid plan has a limit for the amount of data that you can store on our cloud.

These pricing for storage varies according to the amount of data that you upload in GBs (Gigabytes) to the planBIM servers.

Primarily such data includes the Content objects that you may upload or the reports that you generate and many other things.

There are four plans through which you can choose the amount of storage space you need.

The first is the FREE plan which will cost you $0 be it monthly or yearly. This plan will provide you with 5 GB of storage space.

The second paid plan called BASIC gives you a 50 GB limit with prices varying as $29/mo for the monthly plan and $19/mo for the yearly plan.

Next comes the PLUS plan which charges you $39/mo for the monthly plan and $24/mo for the yearly plan with a maximum storage limit of 100 GB.

Finally, the PRO plan gives you a maximum storage limit of 200 GB. It will cost you $49/mo for the monthly plan and $29/mo for the yearly plan.

There is an additional plan called ENTERPRISE in which you can customize the storage space of your plan according to your own needs. Click on the CONTACT button to find out more about the ENTERPRISE plan.

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