Keeping your account secure

Keeping your account secure

At planBIM, we are committed to protecting your data and privacy.

You can use the following steps to add extra protection to your account.

Use a strong and unique password

Choosing a strong, unique password helps to keep your personal information safe, and protects your documents and designs.

A strong password is hard to guess.

A password manager is the safest way to generate and securely store passwords.

Here are some recommendations for a strong password:

  • Make your password a minimum of 8 characters in length

  • Avoid using these in your passwords as they’re easy to guess

  • A word by itself. Recent years

  • Straight rows of keys

  • Sequences like “abc” or “6543”

  • Repeats like “aaa” or “abcabcabc”

  • Short keyboard patterns. Names and surnames.

  • Context like the website nameDates.

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