Introduction to planBIM Modules

Introduction to planBIM Modules

Projects in planBIM have features divided into five different modules to help manage BIM processes.

  • Scoper - Define scope of the project, assign work and responsibility to users. Set LOD standards for geometry, information and accuracy alongwith appropriate LOI and LOA. Generate reports, review and export them.
    This module has various sub-sections viz. Overview, LOD Matrix, Model Progression Matrix and Reports.

  • Docs - Collaborate on your BIM Execution Plans and other important docs directly on the cloud.
    This module enables the creation of drafts and the ability to publish documents. It also features approval, revision workflows and comments.

  • Files - A visual and collaborative Common Data Environment to manage files.
    Drawings, Models and other kinds of files can be uploaded, tracked and managed using this module.

  • Content - Manage all your BIM content like Revit families, templates, materials and other standards.
    You can easily sort, filter and discuss various assets and objects via this module. It also features a viewer for 3D objects which can be seen directly in the browser.

  • Tracker - Track RFI's, Project Issues and BIM ROI digitally and keep your project team on the same page.
    This module is coming soon.

These modules are accessible within projects. Project Managers can control access as to who can or cannot use these individual modules.

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