Introduction to Libraries

Introduction to Libraries

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    • Introduction to planBIM Modules

      Projects in planBIM have features divided into five different modules to help manage BIM processes. Scoper - Define scope of the project, assign work and responsibility to users. Set LOD standards for geometry, information and accuracy alongwith ...
    • Introduction to Workspace Management

      A workspace is where you can manage multiple projects and perform basic Data Management operations. You can bring users into your workspace, delete or archive projects. Since workspace is a cloud-based platform multiple users can work on the projects ...
    • Introduction to Scoper

      The planBIM plugin creates a new tab in Revit after installation, and you can access the Scoper module by following the steps, as shown below. Features Access Level of Development (LOD) of all projects created using planBIM's Web or Mobile apps View ...
    • Introduction to Content

      The planBIM Revit plugin has the Content module as a supporting feature for your Revit objects. Once you upload all your objects through the web app, you can also access them through the plugin. You can access the module and elements inside the ...