Introduction to Content

Introduction to Content

The planBIM Revit plugin has the Content module as a supporting feature for your Revit objects. Once you upload all your objects through the web app, you can also access them through the plugin.
You can access the module and elements inside the plugin when you enter a project.

After entering the module, you will observe the list of elements which are present and were previously uploaded through the web app.

For using these objects on Revit, you need to download them locally through Download button. 

Once the download is complete, the plugin enables options to insert, select, isolate and embed the object into the Revit file.


  • Select and download ready to use Revit object files one at a time

  • Pick up any downloaded object and place them inside your current project, thus providing efficiency throughout the integration process

  • Select or Isolate objects for ease of access in the Revit window

  • Embed your objects inside Revit for later use

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