Introduction to BIMcoins

Introduction to BIMcoins

 BIMcoins are somewhat similar to a currency that can be used while making payments inside planBIM.

The value of 1 BIMcoin is equivalent to 1 US dollar (1 BIMcoin = 1 USD).

You can use BIMcoins for viewing BIM models on the cloud, getting discounts on paid plans and many more.

There are 3 types of accounts that can do the transcations of BIMcoins viz. User’s personal account, workspace account and company’s account.

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Buy and Transfer BIMcoins

Follow these steps to buy BIMcoins and add it in your workspace

  • Click on your display picture at the right to get a dropdown window.


  • You would be now directed to the workspace Settings’ page. Click on Upgrade Your Workspaces to visit BIMcoins.

Group 1418.png
  • Click on the toggle button to switch to BIMcoins from UPGRADE as shown in the image.

  • Now scroll down and and click on BUY BIMcoins.

  • You can also click on TRANSFER BIMcoins to transfer the BIMcoins from your personal account to your workspace.

Group 1423.png
  • A new pop-up window will appear where you need to enter the number of BIMcoins and click on NEXT to proceed further.

  • Now click on CONFIRM to add the BIMcoins in your workspace.

Group 1417 (1).png

In order to add BIMcoins in your company follow these steps :

  • Click on your display picture at the right to get a dropdown window.

  • Click on MANAGE COMPANY.

  • Now you will be directed your company settings, click on Manage Comapny BIMcoins.

Group 1419 (1).png
  • Now click on TRANSFER button, a new pop-up window will appear. Now add number of BIMcoins that wish to transfer to your company.

Group 1424 (1).png

Earn BIMcoins

Follow these steps to earn BIMcoins

  • Click on your display picture at the right to get a dropdown window.

  • Click on EDIT PROFILE.

  • Click on BIMcoins as shown to view BIMcoins tab.

  • You can copy the link on the dashboard and forward it individually or click on the icons like facebook, twitter, LinkedIN to share it on that platform. And if your friend joins planBIM, you would be earning 5 BIMcoins!

Group 1426 (1).png
  • Similarly, if you download our mobile application and login from it, you will earn 2 BIMcoins.

chrome_Gqfbip5a8k 1 (1).png
  • On downloading our planBIM Revit plugin, and logging in from it, you will earn 2 BIMcoins.

Group 1427.png
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