Intro to planBIM Files

Intro to planBIM Files

Some Salient features of planBIM Files-

Common Data Environment(CDE)

Apart from standard File management, you can supercharge your workflows with this module. Access private spaces, create shared spaces or assign relations between your files and share across companies with planBIM Files.

Freedom in the type of data to be shared

It is the single source of information that can be used to collect, manage and disseminate documentation, the graphical model and non-graphical data and enable sharing information on the project between all the members.

The Canvas Mode

The canvas is like a 2D representation of all the files. It acts as a catalyst for dynamically managing design drawings, BIM models and other key construction data. which has advantages like-

It acts as a central place for all project files:

  • Each company has their own private space

  • Create Shared spaces for common files

  • Group and manage spaces for convenience

Manage files in a user-friendly manner

  • Assign Team Members and Company to Filecards

  • Keep track of who is assigned to what

  • Add quick notes for easy reference

  • Group and organize files in the infinite canvas as necessary

  • Create relations between different files and generate model breakdown structures

Once the workflow is established, planBIM Files gets rid of the hassle of curating and updating models and drawings. The 2D canvas assists collaborators and companies, whereas activity tracking brings accountability. By utilizing all these features, the BIM team can help projects achieve deadlines much faster.

The Explorer Mode

The explorer feature is more like a 1D representation of all your files which means the files that you upload on 2D Canvas are displayed here in a list format. You can manage these file cards, sort them, filter them and edit them. The changes that you do in Explorer will similarly be made in Canvas.

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