Features of Content

Features of Content

Coming down to the main features of the plugin inside Revit, Content allocates four main features through the help of buttons. 

1. Insert Family in Project

After downloading the object from the planBIM server, you can use them instantly in Revit. By clicking this button you can drag the cursor to your project window and click on it to insert the object as shown below.

2. Select in Revit
Click this button to select or highlight the specified object inside your Revit window.

3. Isolate in Revit

The isolate button will show only the selected object in the Revit window. In general, it will isolate the object family from all the others present in the project.

4. Embed in Revit
Embedding an object can help you use it in the later stages of your project. To embed an object, click on the Embed in Revit button which is shown below. 

You can check and view the embedded object in the project browser of Revit which can be seen in the cards below.

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