Delete or Archive a document

Delete or Archive a document

When a document is no longer applicable to your organisation, your first instinct might be to delete it.

However, in planBIM, removing a document is not a recommended best practice. We say this due to the critical nature of the construction documents in our industry.

For example, if your document has electronic signatures that you need to keep a record of, deleting it will result in the removal of those signatures as well.

If you ever need to reference those signatures in the future, your best bet is to archive your document instead of deleting it.

To Archive a document you can follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the document file through the search bar

  2. Hover on the document and click on the πŸ“₯ Archive icon

  3. Click on Archive again to confirm

The document will now appear πŸ“₯ ARCHIVED section of planBIM Docs, and it will no longer be searchable from the search bar.

Similarly, if you would like to delete your document, click the πŸ—‘ Delete button, and select the Delete option from the dialogue box.

Your document will now appear in the πŸ—‘ DELETED section of planBIM Docs.


In case you want to restore the document you would need to do it within 7 days because after this period the document from the Deleted section will be deleted permanently by the system.

Group 1125 (2).png

If you wish to restore your document from πŸ“₯ARCHIVED section just go to All Archived documents page by clicking on the icon shown in the top image.

Now, if you hover at the document you would see 2 icons as shown in the image below. Click as shown in the image, to restore or permanently delete your document from the project.

Group 1125 (4).png

To restore your document from the deleted documents, click on the πŸ—‘DELETED icon to go to DELETED DOCUMENTS page.

Now, if you hover at the document you will see an icon as shown in the image below. Click as shown in the image, to restore your document back into the project.

Group 1269.png


planBIM does not recommend removing a document unless the circumstances are exceptional. This way, you can always track that document's history. We understand that for various reasons, some documents need deletion.  

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