Creating and Managing Shared Spaces

Creating and Managing Shared Spaces

There are individual company cards that get formed by default right after you add any member from different company into the project. Only members of that company have access to these individual company cards.

In order to collaborate and work together a Shared Space needs to be created, planBIM provides secure collaboration of Shared Spaces from any device. You can use it to manage and share files across companies easily.

Creating a Shared Space

Clicking on the ➕ icon allows you to create a new Shared Space in the Spaces interface.

Select more than one company to create a Shared Space so you can easily collaborate with clients, partners, co-workers and others.

Enter a name for the shared space and click on CREATE button which gets enabled after entering a name.

Group 1327.png

You can use Shared Spaces in planBIM to store, search and access files with a team.

Get the most out of shared spaces by

  • Improving collaboration

  • Increasing Shared Spaces usage and visibility

  • Sharing content in Shared Spaces

To edit or manage a Shared Space:

Click on the desired Shared Space to select it.

There should be a dialogue box on the right side of your screen, as shown below. If there isn't any, click on the Show Space Menu Button on the top-right corner of the Canvas.

Edit the Shared Space as per your requirements.

Group 1328.png

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