Creating and Managing File Cards in your Files Canvas

Creating and Managing File Cards in your Files Canvas

This article will guide you through the process of creating file cards, updating data, uploading files and a lot more that you can do in the Files Canvas.

A file card is a 2-d representation of your file in a Space in the Canvas of a project. You can upload your file or document in the file card, provide necessary information about the file for better understanding and clarity.

Create a new file card

To be able to create file cards, you'll need to be inside one of the file spaces in your project.

There are two separate ways of how you can do that:

  • By clicking the "➕" icon on top of your canvas

  • By double-clicking your left mouse button

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Managing files cards also means tracking which collaborator is working on which card. Click on the file card and create a file name, file type, software and version.

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You can select the File type and Software type available below

List of file types available

  • BIM Model

  • BIM Model Component

  • CAD Block

  • CAD Drawing

  • CAD Model

  • Document

  • Image

  • Point Cloud

  • PDF Drawing

  • Video

List of software types available

  • 3DS Max

  • Acoustical Room

  • Advance Steel

  • AECOsim

  • Affinity

  • Apache HVAC

  • ArchiCAD

  • Asta PowerProject

  • AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • Autodesk Dynamo

  • Autodesk Infraworks

  • Autodesk Insight 360

  • Autodesk Robot

  • Civil 3D

  • CostX

  • Digital Project

  • Digital Project Designer

  • Doc Set Manager

  • DOE2

  • Enscape


  • Graphisoft

  • Grasshopper

  • Integraph

  • Inventor

  • Lumion

  • Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Project

  • MicroStation

  • Navisworks

  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM

  • Oracle Primavera P6 PPM

  • Primavera

  • Project Wise Navigator

  • Revit

  • Revizto

  • Rhino

  • Sketchup

  • Solibri Model Checker

  • STAAD Pro

  • Synchro Professional

  • Tekla Structures

  • Vectorworks

  • Vectorworks Designer

  • Vico Office

You can search the File type and the Software type by using the search functionality

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Upload attachments to the file cards by clicking on the Add Attachment button.

  • Select the file from your device (Local files saved on the computer) and add to your file card. You can also use the Drag & Drop feature to upload attachments.

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Once you upload your file you can

  • Download current attachment

  • Convert to viewable format

  • Add new revision

  • Revision history

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Download current Attachment

To download the latest uploaded file just click on Download Current Attachment, and your file will be downloaded.

Convert to Viewable format

After uploading a file you can get a preview of the file

Group 1348 (1).png

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do in 3D view,


You need to pay the required BIMcoins per file so that you can view it whenever you open it which vary from 1-2 BIMcoins per file.

Add a new revision

This procedure describes how to add new version to your existing attachment

image (2) 3.png

Revision History

Revision history allows you to preview past versions of your attachment and revert to an earlier version

chrome_KRdwyFdGi0 6 (1).png


You can add a description of the attachment

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Tag Assignees

Tagged people will see their names highlighted in their respective file cards. This helps users identify their most important action items.

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A pop-up window will appear where you can select assignees by clicking on the empty fields next to their names. Click on SAVE CHANGES to save and proceed.

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