Creating and managing Doc Sections

Creating and managing Doc Sections

 Once you create a document and add collaborators to your document, you start with the content of your document. The options used for creating and managing Doc sections are assigned numbers in the image and their uses are stated respectively.

Group 1156.png
  1. Click on the symbol to explore all the options

  2. Lets you rename the section in the document

  3. Allows you to lock the section, so that other editors can’t edit it. If you lock the section, then to unlock it, click on icon no. 1 and right at the original position of icon no. 3, you will have an option of Unlock.

Group 1263_535.png

4. Lets you change the status of the section

5. Set the status In progress, if you’re still working on the section

6. Set the status In Review, if the section is getting reviewed

7. Set the status Approved, if the section is approved after reviewing

8. Set the status Rejected, if the section gets rejected after reviewing

9. Allows you to delete the selected section

10. Lets you get an exact copy of the section

11. By regenerating the section you clear the content in it without deleting the section

12. Click on the icon to create a new section


After creating sections, you can arrange them according to your preference. Just click-hold and drag your section to the position where you want it to be.

13. Click on the icon to create a new group

14. Click on the to edit sections

With the help of this feature you can select multiple sections at a time and perform functions like-

  • Changing the status of the selected articles

  • Deleting the sections from the document

  • Lock/unlock the selected sections

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