All features of planBIM Files

All features of planBIM Files

Here's a summary of Files module of planBIM.

planBIM files mainly comprises of 2 sections:

  1. Canvas

  2. Explorer


Canvas is an excellent medium to visually see your files. There is a separate Canvas for each of your project.

There will be separate Spaces by default dedicated to each organization individually where the members of that organizations can work, and no members from other organizations can access it.

chrome_d1qXHbc6NE 1.png

In order to work together with different organizations you can create Shared spaces, where you can decide the organizations who would have the access to it. You can group different Spaces and add Notes for better understanding.

Group 1355.png

Inside a Space you can create different file cards, where you can attach your files, tag assignees, file type, provide information about the attached file which involves the type of software used and version used. You can also view your attached files and measure the details inside it.

Group 1356.png

You can add an attachment and view the attached file in an enlarged way.

For instance, this Revit file was uploaded in a file card and converted to viewable format, where you can rotate the structure, pan the view, have sectional views by taking a sectional plane of your choice, and a lot more!

Group 1357.png

You can also link files with each other to create a certain work-flow and create a network with accurate dependency between the files. You can group these file cards for better understanding and effective categorization.

chrome_yT2UlMQbUc 1.png


The explorer feature is more like a 1D representation of all your files which means the files that you upload on 2D Canvas are displayed here in a list format. You can manage these file cards, sort them, filter them and edit them. The changes that you do in Explorer will similarly be made in Canvas.

This is how Explorer interface looks like-

Group 1359.png

You can filter your file cards for better functionality

Group 1357 (2).png

You can also sort your file cards and arrange them the way you want!

Group 1358.png
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