All Features of planBIM Content

All Features of planBIM Content

With planBIM Content, there's a lot you can do!
Here's a summary of all the features available in content module.

Edit object

You can edit the details of the content object by clicking on the edit icon ✏️ as shown in the image below.

You set parameters like unit system, LOD and LOI of content object, software version and geometry of object.

Click here to know more about editing and managing your content objects.

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Download Object

To 📥 Download your object to your computer, click on the download icon as shown in the image below.

Upload a content object

Click on the UPLOAD NEW button, a pop-up window will appear, then Drag & Drop .rfa files or Browse to select and upload .rfa files into the Content module pop-up.

Click here to know more about uploading a content object.

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Approval Workflows of Content objects

An Approval workflow routes an object for Approval, Pending or Rejection. This helps to have an organised workflow which helps to monitor the progress of the project.

click here to know more about Approval workflow for content objects.

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