Accessing Content Objects [ Apps ]

Accessing Content Objects [ Apps ]

The Content module is the right place when it comes to managing Revit objects on your planBIM projects. You can take a look at all your objects on the mobile app, once you upload them through the web app.

There are two methods to access all your Content objects inside the mobile app.

Tap on the Module Switcher (the three horizontal bars on the top-right corner) as shown in the image to go to the module page. Tap on the OVERVIEW button under Content module.

Group 1398 (3).png

The other way is to tap on the VIEW ALL button placed inside the Content summary on the Project Homepage.

Group 1398 (5).png

Once you are inside the Content module, you will see the list of the elements uploaded through the web app for a certain project. You can tap on any of the content objects to view it.

Group 1399.png

📓 Note

You can only view content objects in your project using the mobile app.

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